Animal Experiments Ethics Controversy

Topics: Animal testing, Human anatomy, Science Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Animal Experiment
In present-day society, it is a well-known fact that animal experiments are playing an increasingly key role in our lives, and it is advancing at an amazing speed. Its research results have completely changed our lives. But in the meantime, the animal experiments ethics controversy has sparked much debate. Many people think that for the survival and development of humans, animal experiments are necessary. While some people argue that life of animals and humans are equally important, they are against any form of animal experiments. In this essay, I will compare and contrast two typical opinions regarding this issue. Convincing arguments can be said that animal experiments are commonly used in medical research. In studies on investigation and prevention, human diseases play a huge role. To start with the role of medicine, using animals to test new drugs could help in understanding the effects and side effects of new drugs. Therefore, people don’t have to be test subjects, and can avoid the dangers of being these test subjects. Moreover, animal experiments in cloning human organs also have a new break through. For instance, people found that goats implanted with human stem cells have blood and organs similar to DNA of humans. Specifically, the main use of it is nurturing human organs in animals’ bodies. One day when people are injured or sick, they will be able to directly replace organs. More importantly, through animal experiments, we can explore the mysteries of human lives. In other words, controlling the human diseases and aging, extending the lives of humans could be realized by animal experiments. For these reasons, some statistics show that biomedical research projects with more than 60% need to conduct animal experiments. There are many topic researches of animal experiments that are difficult. After years of research, animal experiments have saved countless lives, and it will continue to save more lives. Compelling arguments can...
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