Animal Experimentation - Paper 3

Topics: Animal testing, Skin, Science Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: November 3, 2010
Animal experimentation
Countless monkeys, dogs, rats and other animals are burned, blinded, cut open, poisoned, starved and drugged behind closed laboratory doors every year for convenience and economic reasons and because of old habits. Not only are animal tests extremely cruel, they are also completely inaccurate because of the vast physiological variations between species. Throughout the years of medical research, scientists have immorally exploited animals in the sense that they cannot decide for themselves. They have continually tested animals without the remorse of an animal having a life but only thinking of them as a prized possession; a toy easily thrown away. The truth about animal experimentation is that the world does not need to test animals to help find cures although we owe animal a great debt to some lab animals for the development of polio vaccines and heart valves. Animal experimentation is without a doubt one of the most life threatening way to help cure illnesses in the human body. As discovered by many doctors most medications that had been proven to be safe for animals have estimates of over 2.2 million people hospitalized and 106,000 deaths recorded annually because of drug reactions from humans. Although in the past animal experimentation has helped the advancement of medical research through the accidental mistakes brought upon by scientist studying animals and giving them medications for one thing but have found the result of something else making it to be only an accidentally breakthrough. Animal testing is a process in which scientist conduct an experiment on animals, testing their reaction to toxins and chemicals to make it safe for humans. Animal testing is time consuming and not always accurate. Over all the years of testing animals and the proof that chemical substances made for humans as drugs were safe about 50% of the Food and Drug Administration otherwise known as FDA approved drugs have been removed because of side...
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