Animal Experimentation: Good or Bad?

Topics: Animal testing, Cosmetics, Animal rights Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Animal Experimentation: Good or Bad?
The controversy of animal experimentation in the cosmetics industry is one that was swept the globe and caused for a dispute of the morality of using animals to perceive the safety of certain products. While some people argue that new test animal experimentation is not always not always accurate, others provide evidence in which may deem animal testing unreliable. The effects of animal experimentation are clearly visible in the death rate of animals that live in test labs, finding alternatives seems to be very difficult for many companies in the cosmetic industry. There are many positives and negatives to animal testing, and the subject had been a very debatable topic in which neither side has been able to come to a clear solution. Each side has its own evidence to prove its point. All the evidence is true and understandable, so the decision on whether animal experimentation is right or wrong seems to come down to a matter of opinion. Sadly, animal experimentation seems to have very distressing results for the animals in question. The Thalidomide Disaster occurred when tens of thousands of children were born with very harsh mutations that had not been determined before by the animal experiments, this along with many others shows the unreliability of animal experimentation. The Thalidomide Disaster resulted from the lack of formal procedure concerning pregnant animals being used to test drugs. Once the deformation in first born was discovered and tests using pregnant animals confirmed the results, these tests became standard for pre-clinical drug testing (Marston and Pycroft). "According to the European Cosmetic and Toiletry and Perfumery Association, of the 11.6 million animals used in laboratory tests, only 0.3 percent is used in cosmetic testing" (“California Poly State U”). Though this number may be small more than 100 million animals are killed
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