Animal Experimentation

Topics: Suffering, Animal testing, Testing cosmetics on animals Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: January 12, 2014
Animal Experimentation for Medicine

"The question is not, Can they reason? Nor, Can they talk? But, Can they suffer," stated Philosopher Jeremy Bentham. We humans have been placed on this earth to live a certain lifestyle, and according to the 14th Amendment we are to be treated equally under the law. On the other hand, when it comes down to animals, one might say that they're equal to humans, while another says us beings are ranked higher above all living things. Every year in the U.S. we spend over $18 billion on animal experimentation for millions of animals to die and suffer for the safety of human medicine. Although people depend on safe medicine, scientific testing on animals for this benefit should be illegal.

The Animal Welfare Act, which became a law in 1966, looks after how one cares for animals, but only in certain situations and occupations. What the law does not protect is the testing that happens in laboratories. No matter how cruel, unusually, painful, and deathly the testing may be, all of it is legal. Why? Such a small question, with endless answers.

Most of the billions of dollars spent on animal testing is funded by taxpayers. The government is paying so much money on cruel animal experiments, while they can be using the money to find alternate ways on testing our medicine for safety. Clinical studies have found less expensive and very effective alternatives, rather than animal experiments. One example is the use of cadavers, which are corpes of human bodies, that can be used to dissect and experiment on. It sounds terrible and uncaring, but in reality it's really effective and no one is hurt in the process. The big picture is that the money put into animal testing is somewhat being wasted. The human death rate hasn't made a tremendous change from us harming innocent animals. There are other ways to satisfy our needs.

It's easy for scientist to take advantage of animals because their suffering is easily ignored by us people. We...
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