Animal Experimentation

Topics: Animal testing, Medical research, Animal rights Pages: 5 (1737 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Animal Experimentation
If you are a pet owner, like many you don’t wish for any harm to come to them or any other animal for that matter. However in this world there are organizations that mistreat animals and experiment on common house hold pets such as dogs or cats. The two reason for animal testing are “First, to find out more about the animals themselves, and, secondly to test substances and procedures to see if they are harmful (with a view to find out if they are harmful to human beings)” (Dixon). Through these experiments they have made great medical breakthroughs, but at what cost? One hundred million of animals are killed every year to find treatments for human diseases. Animal are put through a great amount of pain and suffer to ultimately reduce the suffering of humans, But is it worth the suffering of another living being? There are better more effective ways to limit the suffering of humans and not harm another living creature. Biomedical research needs to pull away from animal testing and embrace the new alternatives of the 21st century. Through animal testing, researchers have been able to improve the quality and life expectancy for humans. If we compare life from last century to our current one anyone can see that the death rate has gone down because of the medical advancements that were made possible by animal testing. There have been a lot of important advancements in medical research through animal testing. Insulin vaccines, vitamin, the immune system, and many of the HIV and cancer treatments we use today were discovered through animal testing. In 1628, William Harvey published his famous work “De Motu Cordis”. In it he writes about his discovery of blood pressure by pumping blood through the heart of over 30 different animal species including man. His discovery helped lead to treatments for high blood pressure and a better understanding of the physiology of man and animal. However, that was in the past. There are new alternatives to animal testing that yield better results and have less animal casualties. Animal testing has led to a large number of medical advancements and should not be stopped. The reduction of human suffering is the highest priority. If a human can be saved from suffering and even death then is should be justifiable to allow animal suffering. Researchers have had the ability to discover major medical breakthroughs through the use of animal testing. Breakthroughs such as insulin, many of the vaccines (smallpox, chickenpox, tetanus, and many more) used today, and the treatments we use for HIV and cancer patients. Dr. Joseph Murray, a Nobel Prize winner agrees that through animal research we will be able to find a cure for aids. However, what rights do we as humans have to force another living creature to endure any type of pain and suffering? Animal research is expensive, time consuming, and overall unreliable. It is important that all drugs be tested on animals before putting them onto the market. To be sure that a drug or antibiotic is safe for a human it should first be tested on an animal. One of the most crucial tests is the mouse protection test. A mouse or rat is ideal in animal testing because of their small size and short life span. A mouse is given a vaccine then tested to see how well it is protected from the infection. The best way to know if a vaccine is safe and effective is to understand how it works in a living organism. In many countries medication and many other products can only be sold after they are tested because, animal testing is one of the most reliable ways to test the safety of not only medicine, but other products. “To ban animal experimentation would be to paralyze modern medicine” (Dixon). Humans can only be tested if they have given their consent to the test. With this is in mind it is unfair for animals to endure the many painful tests that are forced upon them every year. While there are similarities, keep in mind that animals have a very...

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