Animal Cruelty: The Unethical Treatment Of Animals

Topics: Human, Animal rights, Morality Pages: 7 (1555 words) Published: November 23, 2015

The unethical treatment of animals is not a topic that is widely discussed. One of the reasons for this may be that as humans we tend to think of animals as being less than while not considering their physical, emotional, and physiological health that can result from the conditions that we put them in. Regardless of whether we take the time to think of it or not, the unethical treatment of animals has resulted in deprivation, seclusion, and neglect.

According to the Oxford Dictionary by Oxford University Press, unethical is defined as being not morally correct, immoral, amoral, unprincipled and/or unscrupulous. It may be easier for someone to picture or come up with examples of ways in which humans are treated unethically, but many people...

These abuses negatively affect their general well being and natural behaviors. When looking at specifics there are many forms of ways that animals can be mistreated (see bar graph below). Examples of outright animal cruelty include physical punishment that is greatly in excess of “correction of undesired behaviors,” intentional starvation or water deprivation, abandonment, physical and emotional torture, maiming, burning, mutilating, or killing an animal - whether wild or domestic, but all forms of abuse fall under one or more of the aforementioned categories: deprivation, seclusion, or...

Neglectful behavior such as confining an animal in too small a shelter for comfort or for too long a period of time, leaving an animal with an inadequate supply of food or water, or failing to adequate medical (veterinary) care of an animal, constitutes animal abuse. There are four sources of suffering in these conditions: violation of the animal's basic needs and nature, lack of attention to individual animals, mutilation of animals to fit unnatural environments and an increase in diseases and other problems caused by conditions in confinement operations. The most notorious, but usually not thought of culprits of animal neglect are circuses and zoos.

Performance animals are hauled from town to town, day in and day out in box cars or trucks, without any ability to exercise the full range of their natural behaviors. Also, otherwise be left alone for any substantial period of time without being poked, prodded, and trotted out before the masses. Once they outlive their commercial usefulness, they are frequently sold to captive hunting ranches, sent to roadside zoos, auctioned off to private animal collectors, or otherwise meet dismal fates.
While zoos may be held in a higher regard than circuses, they are not much better. Many new exhibits are hardly larger than the sterile, barred cages that they used to be known for. The vast majority of the time the animals look bored and without energy,...
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