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Topics: Siamese fighting fish, Fishkeeping, Gourami Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: April 8, 2011
The Siamese Fighting Fish is the one of the model spices to study competition in animals because the male of this species exhibit typical aggressive behavior. The sight of its own reflection in a mirror will stimulate a ritualized series of responses toward the intruder. The purpose of this experiment is to describe the ritualized agonistic display of a male Siamese fighting fish after by stimulated by its own reflection in a mirror. If two fish are placed in the same aquarium together there is typically a ritualistic display until one of the fish becomes subordinate. We conducted an experiment by placing a mirror to the Male Siamese Fighting Fish, creating a safe stimulus of another Male Siamese Fighting Fish. In doing this experiment we will observe if the Male Siamese Fighting Fish becomes more aggressive if we station the mirror in one spot, following his every move. Hypothesis: If the mirror is at constant motion with the Male Siamese Fighting Fish, and then the Fighting Fish will have a quicker latency and slower recovery.

Method and Material:
We used a male Siamese fighting fish, which was in the fishbowl. The fish was placed in its own plastic container filled with water. We took turns observing different behaviors, alternating from one behavior to another every thirty seconds. We kept the mirror stationary or in motion for a thirty seconds of the stimuli test. We placed the mirror in front of the fish, and left it in that spot for exactly thirty seconds. When the Male Siamese Fighting Fish showed us the change, we recorded the fish’s reaction, and then we removed the mirror.

The result partially supported our original hypothesis, if the mirror is at constant motion with the Male Siamese Fighting Fish will have a quicker latency. We observed that it took the thirty seconds for the male Siamese fighting fish to get in his aggressive state. The fish's gills expanded and his fin speed increased. He would approach the mirror and...
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