Animal and Plant Cells

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Comparing Plant and Animal Cells
The purpose of our lab was to have a better understanding of what are the differences between animal cells and plant cells. Although the cell is the basic unit in both living beings they are not completely alike. For that I have examined and compared human cheek cells to Elodea leaf cells. First, I’ve scraped the inside of my cheek with the end of a swab stick to collect the cells then I’ve prepared them on a clean glass slide. When everything was set up I’ve observed the specimen at low, medium and high magnification, drawing a diagram for the high magnification one. Afterwards I’ve arranged the slide with the piece of Elodea leaf on the microscope stage and observed the cells in it at low and high magnification, drawing a diagram for both of them. At the end I have taken in consideration all my observation and come to the conclusion that, indeed, cells are existent in both living beings but their not completely alike.

To be able to complete this lab a person should know the animal cell and the plant cell structure to the able to identify and label the cell components. Knowing the components of a microscope and how to handle it is needed as well otherwise the person would not be able to achieve their wanted results and accidents might happen that that lead to breaking the microscope or any parts of it. Components of a microscope Light source- could be a mirror, but most likely it is a bulb built into the base Diaphragm- adjusts the amount of light striking an object Objective lenses- gathers light and magnifies image Ocular lenses- Magnifies objects and focuses light to your eye Stage- holds slide Can be moved using coarse or fine adjustment knobs to bring the object into focus Stage clips- hold slide in place Base and arm- Structural support for the microscope (When picking up or moving a microscope on hand has to be on the arm and another one on...
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