animal also have right

Topics: Animal testing, Morality, Human Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Animals also have rights.
 As a human we have liberty, which is freedom, choice etc. And also animals has the right to live, and the right to choose. But is it right to take the freedom or the life of animals just because we want to research? NO. It's not right to kill and make them suffer for us. Animals have emotions. They have thoughts, ideas, feelings. They also suffer. If we just kill and make them suffer, we are taking the freedom and the life of other animals. To protect the animal's liberty and life we should ban animal testing.

Animals don't deserve this
Animals are just like us: they breath, eat, sleep, give birth to young and feed there Young's (mammals) should they not be treated like us? Of course! It also makes me wrathful to see those adorable creatures suffer. Animals have feelings and have to be respected, not only that but some of us are carnivore, this means animals that feed on flesh.  Do we eat dog food? No, so if medicine were to be tested, it may have different effects. For example if an animal had been tested, it might feel perfectly normal but if it was you, it will have a different outcome. And if you are in need of those medicine. LET IT BE TESTED ON YOU! So live those innocent animal in peace.

Yes animal testing should be banned!
Isn't it just too cruel to watch an animal, another life force, organism, die right in front of your eyes? Everyone has a right to live, and yes, they are just as much the same as humans. Imaging if another superior life force were using humans to test our planet just like we do for science. Horrible, isn't it. So therefore, animal testing should definitely be banned!

Not accurate, there are better ways.
 Animal testing should be stopped for so many reasons. One is because the results are inaccurate, there is a 5-25% chance of creating a cure that works for both animals and people. Mice have a cure for cancer but humans don't have anything that will work for sure. People are always tested anyway...
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