Angry White Men Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Gender, Feminism, Gender role, Sociology, Female, Woman / Pages: 6 (1323 words) / Published: Feb 19th, 2016
Michael Kimmel is an sociologist who specializes in gender studies and also is the spokesman to the National Organization for Men Against Sexism. Every generation has its’ own major social problem and for my generation it has been gender inequality. In his TEDtalk “Why gender equality is good for everyone - men included” Michael Kimmel argues for men to fight for gender rights to achieve true gender equality to an audience of educated middle aged adults. Kimmel uses personal stories, statistics, repetition, and humor. Kimmel wants his audience to engage young boys and men in the fight for gender equality by making them aware of gender issues and how to solve them. Kimmel’s strong use of rhetorical strategies and easy going delivery of his speech …show more content…
Kimmel mentions his book to highlight another obstacle in the way of gender equality, “confronting men’s sense of entitlement”(Kimmel). The second half of Kimmel’s speech shifts from identifying issues in gender inequality to focusing on possible solutions to these issues. In this reward based section of his lecture where Kimmel strengthens his appeals logos with statistics. “ Gender equality is good for countries according to most studies, that those countries that are the most gender equal are also the countries that score highest on the happiness scale”(Kimmel). Kimmel provides this statistic to further support his claim that gender equality is good for everyone. Kimmel refers to his source of information as “studies have shown” without giving any specificness or validity to the “studies” and this damages his …show more content…
Throughout the speech Kimmel repeats words such as “women” “boys” “men” “gender equality”. Kimmel uses repetition to hammer these words into the heads of his audience and create a theme of equality and that is everyone's responsibility. Kimmel plays a middle man between the two genders. Kimmel does this from being limited to the restraints of examining to masculinity or femininity to closely and encourages his audience to see gender equality as an effective group

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