Anglo-Saxons Conclusion

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To sum it all up, the Anglo-Saxons a culture best described in their literature as brave, loyal, generous and friendly were a tribe of warrior-farmers. Who were around from 410AD until 1066. They came from North-Western Europe. They loved fighting and were a very fierce group of people. As a result of that they invaded Britain while the Romans were still in control. But just like other people some Anglo-Saxons came to Britain to fight, while others came peacefully, to find land to farm. They loved tales about brave warriors and their adventures. A favorite story told was Beowulf, a heroic prince, kills the fierce man-eating monster Grendel, and Grendel's an equally horrid mother. “The Steel-edged blade lay where he’d dropped it. If weapons were useless he’d use his hands, the strength in his fingers.” The story of Beowulf was first written down in the 8th-9th centuries. The way the Anglo-Saxons connect with Beowulf is because Beowulf was the beloved character of the Anglo-Saxon literature. The story “Beowulf” is was a tale of his heroic fights and epic battles. Throughout the story the fundamentals of Anglo-Saxon culture, bravery, friendship, generosity and loyalty are displayed. Each was important in the Anglo-Saxon lifestyle. Since they lived in tight communities that often had to fight off invaders, friendship and loyalty were critical to survival. “Grothgar, o knowing king, now when my danger is near, the warm words we uttered, and if your enemy should end my life then be.” Not only were those important but bravery as well, to fight such attackers and kindness to help their fellow warriors. “Then the noble protector of all seaman swam to land, rejoicing in the heavy burdens he was bringing with him. And all his glorious band of Geats thanked God that their leader had come back unharmed.” These elements impacted Anglo-Saxon life and created their legendary stories today. The Anglo-Saxons governing system was built on the fundamental of loyalty. It shaped the

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