Anglo Conformism Is Still Rampant in the United States Today.

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Globalization Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: April 13, 2011
Since the foundation time in the United States the protestant culture has dominated the country. Today several people say that the globalization and the immigrants has end with the Anglo-conformism. The globalization helps to access to new information about other cultures, learn other languages and to travel around the world easier than before. The globalization sometimes promotes the localization, it is about to establish and adopt new costumes from other places. In fact, in the USA are a lot of subcultures, which are growing, and taking place, like Spanish or Chinese. Each culture has their own towns and a small economy in several states. The cultural diversity stars with little national minorities from other countries, so people think that very soon we will see the United Stated as a multi cultural country. But that is not enough to become the Unites States a multi cultural country. The WASP model has dominated the social structure of the United States. This model is assimilated for most cultures from immigrant and globalization effects. Furthermore, according to the Anglo-conformism, if any culture survives, it is excluding from the society. That is because; the WASP culture still dominated the country in several states and they work hard to protect their model. In the USA society predominated the WASP model. WASP culture is still important at the education entities. Prep schools, colleges and universities are very meritocratic. It provides skills to the students to be influent in the politic, finance and cultural ambit, so they can continue promoting the model. Those families are frequently from the upper class, and they like to preserve some traditional customs from the British culture, like squash, golf, tennis and polo. This people assist to the same private clubs and churches. In addition they live in important places that represent he American culture like Philadelfia, New Jersey, Boston, etc. That is why the little cultures like Spanish or Chinese are...
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