Anglo American's Reputation

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Decision making Pages: 4 (1360 words) Published: December 25, 2010
about Anglo American:
it is a public limited company that operates globally and one of the worlds biggest mining companies is Anglo American, situaded in United Kingdom. primary sector are the main concers of Anglo American and there by it operates in primary sectors such as mining and agriculture. Anglo American operations are done in the first stage of economy though out the world and carries extensive operation in africa whit seventy six percent of its employees in it . Anglo American set out an example of important role player in the world economy with about seventhousand employees in UnitedKingdom. base metals , ferrous , platinum , coal and industrial materials are the five main raw material produced by Anglo American. question number 1:

“what are business ethics? give two examples of business practices that satakeholders would regard ethical and two that might be considred unthethical”. answer: business ethics refers to the moral sector of individuals desicions(Ferrel and Fraeddrich,1994) business ethichs are honesty or to be more precised moral values that direct a way to business behaviour. the distinguish between honesty and dishonesty and making the right choice involves business to be ethical . there is no single case of an unethical behaviour in a work place so supprisingly that there is no silver bullet preventing it. organizations take several steps to emphazie employee about ethical behaviour as it creates a culture which recongnize employees to do the right thing.two examples of ethical behaviour are i)when producing any demerit good organizations should plant trees or conduct some CSR works like British American Tobacco (BAT) did in the capital city of bangladesh(dailystar newspaper,2009). and ii)business should be thankful to its employees working in an organization and treat them fairly. two examples of unethical behaviour oe work could be i) the selection process which can send clear message to the employees and if the selection process...
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