Anglicanism during the Reign of Henry VIII

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Anglicanism during the Reign of Henry VIII

King Henry VIII has been known for many things including his many notorious marriages, trysts and most importantly his break from the roman church, placing himself as the head of the church in England. His role in the rise of Anglicanism in England, though started off as a means for personal gain, ended up changing the face of religion in England forever. Centuries have been witness to the power of the Catholic Church in Rome, the pope’s power over the sovereigns of Christendom, restricted their rule in their own country. Judging from the way King Henry VIII, integrated Anglicanism into his life and country, Anglicanism first emerged as a set of beliefs by reformists such as Martin Luther and what then came to be an institution, by the end of King Henry VIII’s rule. He brought up his son Edward VI, as a protestant reverting him to the Calvinism theory, whereas his two legitimate daughters, Mary I, and Elizabeth I were brought up in different religions, Mary I was brought up as a catholic like her mother Catherine of Aragon, and Elizabeth I was brought up as a protestant like her brother, Edward VI, and her mother, Anne Boleyn. Therefore, Anglicanism was for the most part did begin with Henry VIII. Anglicanism started off, surprisingly because of personal reasons. Henry VIII’s want for an annulment of his marriage, created the grounds to break away from the Catholic Church and more importantly from the pope. In addition to this problem, going forward with Anglicanism enabled England, and more importantly Henry VIII to gain independence from the Catholic Church, the many taxes levied upon them, and other land privileges assigned to the Catholic Church were revoked and given back to Henry VIII. Lastly, in order to enforce Anglicanism in England, Henry VIII introduced acts such as the supremacy act in order to stronghold his Anglicanism movement. Henry VIII was a very distinct individual. He was selfish, arrogant and very insecure. His actions in the past affected the present very drastically. He was never confident in his own decisions and always looked to others for advice, but whether he actually followed that advice was a whole other story; he only ever followed the advice if he felt it fulfilled his own desires. His leadership style is very dictatorial. He was the creator of Anglican Church and was a very powerful ruler during his renaissance era (Scherer, B). The start of Anglicanism reformation was actually due to King Henry VIII wanting an annulment from his wife at the time named Catherine. King Henry VIII was a man with power and a lot of respect, so to begin Henry was married to a woman named Catherine for about 17 years and thus far this was the longest relationship he had, Catherine was King Henry VIII’s brother’s widow wife. In that era of time marriage alliances were viewed as a form of political power. As said above the two were married for many years and in that time and era, a male heir was very important so they could take over the thrown in the future, if King Henry VIII did not have a male heir to take over his throne it would have resulted in a civil war in order to gain power of the throne. Unfortunately with the time that King Henry VIII and Catherine were married, Catherine did not produce a male heir, she actually had many miscarriages and was not able to give birth anymore. The king became very disheartened and frustrated by this and he wanted to end off his marriage by trying to get it Annulled. With an annulment of the marriage from the Pope it would’ve have been defined as if the marriage never existed in the first place, which is the same definition It is in the present so a lot different than a divorce. Although the king went to the pope, who at the time was Pope Clement Vii to get his marriage annulled he turned him away. King Henry VIII could actually not do anything about this and was forced to accept...

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