Angle and Measurement I. Convert

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Activity No. 1.1
Unit of Measurement

I.Convert each angle to a decimal in degrees.

1. 40° 30' 2. 60° 60' 60"

II. Convert each angle to D° M' S" form.

1. 40.3°2. 118.255°

III.Evaluate the following.

1. Complement of 74° 31' 43"
2. Supplement of 105° 24' 56"

Activity No. 1.2
Unit of Measurement

I.Convert each angle in degrees to radians.

1. 67.5°

2. –300°

II. Convert each angle in radians to degrees.



Activity No. 1.3
Angles in Standard Position/Co-terminal Angles

I.Draw each of the following angles in standard position.



II.Solve for the following.

1. Find the two angles (one positive and one negative) that are co-terminal with -75°. 2. Find an angle between 0° and 360° that is co-terminal with 1110°π3.

III.Given are the measures of two angles in standard position. Determine whether the pair of angles are co-terminal.

1. 170°, 530°3.,

2.60°, -300°

Activity No. 1.4
Length of a Circular Arc

I.Solve the following problems. The initial steps in some problems were done for you, just complete the solution.

1.How far does the tip of a 14 centimeters long minute hand on a clock move in 25 minutes?

2.A railroad is to be laid-off in a circular path. What should be the radius if the track is to change direction by 30 degrees at a distance of 78.54m?

3.Memphis, Tennessee, is due north of New...
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