Angie Bachmann's Gambling Addiction

Topics: Addiction, Casino, Gambling Pages: 4 (978 words) Published: May 11, 2015
Kaung Wai Yan Kyaw
English 151 RW
Prof J. Hurley

Angie Bachmann’s gambling addiction
Angie Bachmann, mother of 3 children, got addicted to gambling. When she lost everything, she tried to sue the casino for encouraging her to keep on gambling. There are a few factors why Bachmann gambling addiction went out of control, casino, loneliness, feel special, friends and her surroundings. Addiction is some sort of habit, habit is like a routines and habit can be changed if they have the will. Bachmann was not aware of when she should stop, because of that her life started falling apart. Angie Bachmann got married at the age of 19 and is a mother of 3 girl. Bachmann felt lonely at home when her husband went to work and children went to school. Bachmann would cover the kitchen clock with paper because she felt so lonely and she would constantly check the time because she run of things to do. The Power of Habit, “That day, she made a deal with herself: If she could make it until noon without going crazy or eating the cake in fridge, she would leave the house and do something fun.”(Duhigg, 246) This saying she would reward herself if she can stay still and not going crazy until noon. According to “Drive” by Daniel pink if a person is rewarded for their effort, they will be less willing to try and they would only focus on getting the reward. She went to the casino as a reward for stay home until noon without going crazy. The gambling addiction started when she started going to casino on a daily basis. According to The Power Of Habit, “I always felt like the untalented one” (Duhigg,246). She felt like she has no talent and haven’t accomplish anything, unlike her father and brother who were song writers. Casino is where she felt special and where she got all the attention that she wanted, “Other players sought her out and sat at her table because she knew what she was doing.”(Duhigg, 249). She set a few rules, she would no more than 1 hour at blackjack table per trip...
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