Angels In America

Topics: The Laramie Project, Matthew Shepard, Laramie, Wyoming Pages: 3 (599 words) Published: April 13, 2015
Title/Meaning: The title of this play references the city in Wyoming entitled Laramie. The play is referred to as “The Laramie Project” because the contents of the play are more than just a story. It’s a scheme that incorporates the whole town. Although the entire town did not physically involve themselves, nor was the town completely knowledgeable of the acts as the occurred. It incorporates the vast city population because a large percentage of the town folks (clandestinely) agreed with the offenders motives. Protagonist(s): The protagonist of this play is the victim, Matthew Shepherd. Shepherd was a homosexual student that attended a university in Wyoming. He was beaten nearly to death, and was left for death. Eighteen hours after his beating, he was discovered “accidentally” by a jogger who described the scene as someone who was not recognizable as a human. Antagonist(s): This play does not have the traditional antagonist. The first thought would be to push the antagonist title on Shepherds offenders Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. Though these two are seen as the “bad guy”, most of the town folks can be seen as an antagonist due to there (sometimes unspoken) religious prejudice towards homosexuals. Inciting Event: The event that sets up the circumstances for the duration of the play is the brutal death of Matthew Shepherd. Following the discovery of his body, national attention is brought to this small town. The entire town is questioned about their views on hate crimes and homophobia as it becomes a national debate. Basic Conflict: The basic conflict in this play is the unspoken support of hate crimes. A vast majority of the city clandestinely supports the actions that occurred towards shepherd. It’s a debate that begins within the city, which soon becomes a national debate. Climax: The climax of the play is when the determination is announced of the two boys that murdered Matthew Shepherd. This is the point in the play that everyone is...
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