Angels Falling From the Sky

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Angels Falling From the Sky
(The Axe commercial)

A company makes a commercial to lure people into watching it and entices them to purchase their product. In the case of the Axe commercial the fragrance is so sensual and yet so fresh that it appeals to both sexes. That is the strength of the Axe product.

The women are intrigued by the scent of Axe and even the angels cannot resist its power. They are so intrigued that they descended from heaven and discarded their halos. The fact that women are a powerful selling tool (and the angel is the most powerful of all women) is a brilliant marketing strategy. It also acts like a magnet, it draws you to the television every time it airs. This is all because of the allure of the beautiful angels. Their costumes are very sexy and powerful at the same time. The bronze angel with her golden skin and her flowing hair and powerful brown wings is breathtaking. This is something that is not done every day, which makes this commercial very unique. Most angels are white in color, their wings are white their hair is usually blonde and their eye color is usually blue. The diversity of offering a change in the traditional angel type makes this a stand out commercial. Most commercials lack the ability to hold the audience’s attention from beginning to end of the commercial. This strategy is sure to guarantee maximum sales.

Sales is the core purpose of all companies and Axe (with this creative commercial) has gone straight to the core. They have hit on all the key elements of any commercial strategy. Which is probably why Axe is a top selling product today.

The works and thoughts that went into making this commercial is remarkable. The setting of this commercial is in beautiful Italy. This alone sets it apart from the other commercials on television today. The commercial also had dared to use the Italian language and...
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