Angels Essay

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Michelle Irizarry

An angel is a supernatural being or spirit found in various religions and mythologies. Angels depicted as benevolent celestial beings that act as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth are often found in Zoroastrianism and Abrahamic religions. In Latin and Judaism angels are known as the messenger of God. Also known as, the holy ones or the upper ones. Angels have different roles that benefit others. Their roles include protecting and guiding human beings. They are also in charge of carrying out Gods tasks.

Angels have different depictions from many different sources. They can be depicted in painting and sculptures and are usually seen as male humans. The earliest depiction of angels is with wings, on the “Princess Sarcophagus.” Not only do angels have wings on the “Princess Sarcophagus”, but in Christian art as well. In Persian art they are four and six-winged angels who are drawn from the higher grades of angels, showing only face and wings. Angels usually appear in the pendentives of church domes or semi-domes. Unlike in Persian or Christian art, angels in Mormon art are typically depicted as having no wings based on a quote from Joseph Smith (“An angel of God never has wings”). According to John Crysandum, angels manifest a nature’s sublimity, therefor indicating they have wings. He goes on and says, “..The wings attributed to these powers have no other meaning than to indicate the sublimity of their nature.”

There is a hierarchy of Angels. It includes the archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. These four archangels have different meanings and all have different responsibilities. The archangel Michael is apart of the Seraphims. The name Michael means “he who is like God.” Michael rules the Fourth Heaven. He is the planet Mercury and Sunday for the day of the week. He is seen as a tall young man with blonde hair and yellow/golden colored eyes, also dressed in a golden cloak and tunic. Michael carries a large sword in his right hand. Archangel Michael has six roles. He is both the Leader of the Army of God and heavenly hosts, the Herald of the General Judgment, as well as the Patron of the Israelites in the Old Testament. Michael escorts the souls of the deceased to their particular judgment with assistance of their respective guardian angels. He also weighs every soul with hessed in his perfectly balances scales.

The archangel Raphael is apart of the Cherubim. Raphaels name means, “whom god heals.” His planet is the Sun and his day of the week is Wednesday. Raphael is the ruler of the Third Heaven, who performs all manner of healing. Raphael is a young man dressed in a flowing yellow cloak and bodice. He also wears a winged hat and sandals, carrying a caduceus.

The archangel Gabriel is apart of the Cherubim and rules the First Heaven. Gabriel’s name means “God is my strength”. His planet is Moon and his day of the week is Monday. Archangel Gabriel is the Angelic Ambassador of Communication. He is a mature male with long silver hair. In art he is muscular and clothed in white and silver robe, which shines in the light. Some say he has a silver crescent armament on brow.

Uriel is the last archangel and his name means “the light of God.” Uriels planet is Mars and his day of the week is Saturday. In art he is a young man with black hair bearing gray streaks. Uriel wears a bodice of dark blue with a cloak of the same color, carrying a crystal tipped wand in the right hand.

There are nine choirs of angels, consisting of the first, second and third sphere. The first sphere angels serve as the heavenly counselors. The first sphere contains Seraphims, Cherubims and the Thrones or Ophanim. Seraphim is translated into “burning ones.” Serpents is a synonym for Seraphis. Seraphims serve as the caretakers of Gods Throne. These angels are described as fiery six-winged beings. They have two wings to cover the face, two to cover the feet and two used to fly with. Unlike the Seraphims,...

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