Angelo Secchi

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Angelo Secchi, S.J.
Angelo Secchi’s Mission:
Angelo Secchi was a Jesuit sometimes referred to as the ‘Father of Astrophysics’. After growing up in Reggio, Italy, his parents forced him to leave his hometown and move to Rome, once there he began his studies into the humanities and philosophy. Angelo became a great success in his work and made many large leaps in the field of Astrophysics, he pioneered stellar spectroscopy (the light spectrum of stars in the solar system) and he also made the first systematic survey of the night sky. He also revolutionised humanities understanding of the sun including sun-spots solar prominences and metals in the sun. His expertise in the areas of astronomy, physics and maths were the kind of skills that pushed him to the top of his field in both Europe and America. He also created four devices designed to observe the heavens using which he discovered roughly ten thousand previously undiscovered stars using his revolutionary telescope that used a curved lens. At the age of 32 he was promoted to director of the Vatican Observatory and he held that appointment fo 24 years until his death.

How Angelo Secchi Has Used His Gifts For Others:
Angelo Secchi was mainly involved in the field of astrophysics; however during the period of Angelo’s life this field was practically unheard of. Undeterred, he did not abandon his path. He helped others gain knowledge of the field by giving daily lecturing projects in astronomy and physics at the Gregorian University. He also used his skills in astronomy and his ingenious inventions to witness astrological phenomenon that were previously unseen. Double stars, planets, nebulae and comets all observed by Angelo helped form our knowledge of the sky as we know it today. He used his amazing intelligence to continue to broaden his knowledge of the world teaching himself and familiarising himself with both terrestrial magnetism and meteorology which he would then teach to students; he was also in...
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