Angelina Grimke and Sojourner Truth: Seeking Justice

Pages: 4 (1467 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Angelina Grimke and Sojourner Truth, were both very outspoken women, both abolitionists, and, both fighting for equality among men and woman. Although both women had very similar purpose their background was clearly different. Grimke was raised by slaveholders and Sojourner was a free slave. Grimke was an educator and Sojourner had no formal education. Grimke was an American political activist, abolitionist, women's rights advocate, and supporter of the women's suffrage movement. While she was raised a southerner, she spent her entire adult life, by choice, living in the north. She was an active member of the Presbyterian Church. A proponent of biblical study and interfaith education, she taught a Sabbath school class and also provided religious services to her family’s slaves. Grimke became a close friend of the pastor of her church, Rev. William McDowell. McDowell was a northerner who had previously been the pastor of a Presbyterian church in New Jersey. Grimke and McDowell were both very opposed to the institution of slavery on the grounds that it was a morally deficient system that violated Christian law. An Appeal to the Christian Women of the South (1836) was written in the hopes that Southern women would not be able to resist an appeal made by one of their own. The essay is unique because it is the only written appeal made by a Southern woman to other Southern women regarding the abolition of slavery. Grimke’s Appeal was widely distributed by the American Anti-Slavery Society, and was received with great acclaim by radical abolitionists. However, it was also received with great criticism by her former Quaker community, and was publicly burned in South Carolina. The Appeal makes seven main arguments: First, that slavery is contrary to the Declaration of Independence; second, that slavery is contrary to the first charter of human rights bestowed upon man in the Bible; third, that the argument that slavery was prophesized gives no excuse to...
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