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Administrative Ethics Paper
Angeline Smith OCTOBER 14, 2014 Dr. Michelle Anthony Abstract
This article presents a case study where conflicts between an individual’s right to privacy and the rights of patients and staff to know when a professional standard has been breached. The process where Health Care Administrator determines a course of action is reviewed in the contend of workplace procedure through an ethical analysis. The information that has been gather from world scientist in a decision-makig have created a issues of breach I confidentiality and the release of sensitive information for a a health care personnel who are in a position that served the public for health needs. The issues facing nursing Administrators are diffcult and concerning how exposure can happen to a nurse whe using protocol as outline by the Center of Department of Disease, and World Health Organizations as indicated for protection against deadly viruses. Throughout this paper, I will identify strategies to deal with the workplace issues that has given risen concerns to World Health Organizations Personal Protective Plan. What was the problem with the equipment? Did the equipment design to meet the needs for all viruses, deadly and beyond? Keywords: privacy, confidentiality, ethics, nursing administration, quality improvement, WHO, CDC, pandemic, epidemic, and Zaire Introduction

Institutional and organizational ethics are becoming one of the same phrase when we talk about our health care system world wide. Challenges are being place on ethical values verse professional values. Today, many health profession are impling their personal values are being tested by unethical or illegal acts in the workplace. Doing things that impose on the public with the untruth or wrong information given out attention to by time to solve major issues. Presentation of the Case Study

The case study provides an opportunity to review ethical...

References: Weinsten, B.D. (1995, Summer). The relationship between ethics and the law.WVNEC
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