Angelas Ashes

Topics: Truth, Literature, Fiction Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Angela’s Ashes
1) What is the way that the story is told?
The way the story is told is in first person; it’s Frank talking about himself and about his life, what he went through as a young kid, how and where he grew up. He’s the narrator, the one telling the story.

2) Is imagery an important part of the novel?
Yes I think imagery is an important part of the novel because you can visualize what is going on in the book while reading it, you kind of comprehend what is going on better when you use imagery. Whatever the narrator is saying you can picture it in your head the scene ad everything.

3) What makes this powerful?
What makes imagery powerful is that it keeps the reader entertained and focused on the book more because they are imagining everything that is going on in their heads they’re reading everything and they’re also picturing it.

4) What is the truth found in this novel?
The truth found in this novel is that the author and character in the book is the same person, Frank really did go through the things said in the book not all of it maybe and that’s what makes it somewhat untruthful but still he is sharing his story about his life.

5) What does he use to help the reader understand his journey? He uses imagery to help the reader understand his journey, he puts a lot of detail into his work to help the reader visualize what he really is doing, whether it’s when he’s telling us that Margaret died, or if he’s telling us about his mothers life, or even if it’s when he tells us about how his childhood was, the hardships he went through but the happy times too, the reader can easily visualize everything he’s gone through because there is so much detail in my opinion.

6) What makes this memoir interesting?
What makes this memoir interesting is knowing that some of it is true, and picturing everything he says in the book. I pictured everything from chapter to chapter, and the fact that someone really did go through what he went through...
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