Angela s ashes

Topics: Malachy McCourt, Frank McCourt, Angela's Ashes Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: December 15, 2014
Poverty, Perseverance, and Humor, oh my!
Pulitzer Prize winning memoir “Angela’s Ashes” written by Frank McCourt is a phenomenal tear jerking memoir written about Frank’s childhood growing up in extreme poverty. What were most memorable about this book were Frank’s poverty, perseverance, and humor. You’ve never seen real poverty until you’ve read this book. His father, Malachy McCourt, is an alcoholic who uses all of the dole money (welfare) to get drunk, leaving his family with no money for a whole month which unfortunately happens quite frequently. However, no matter what type of situation his poverty put him in; Frank McCourt never gave up or lost his optimistic spirit that so greatly warms the hearts of everyone who reads this book. The silver lining in this book is the comedic relief. The humor in this book almost outweighs the sadness in this book. Perseverance, poverty, and humor are the 3 elements that stuck out to me most in this book.

The way Frank McCourt explains his financial situation is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The way he talks about his financial situation in a completely open and subtle way is heartbreaking. While reading this book, I never detected any sort of “Oh woes me, I’m poor feel sympathy for me” which is something I think everyone has done at some point in their life. I think that’s what’s so charming about this book. He never tries to get sympathy from the reader but the reader feels it anyways. His poverty is something that the reader has to think about in order to really grasp how sad it is. “Get yeer clothes says Aunt Aggie, ye are coming to my house till yeer mother is out of the hospital. Jesus above that baby is a disgrace. She finds a rag and ties it around Alphie’s bottom for fear he might shit all over the pram. Then she looks at us and wants to know why we’re just standing there with our faces hanging out after she told us to get our clothes. I’m afraid she’ll hit me or yell at me when I tell her it’s all...
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