Angela's Ashes

Topics: Family, Frank McCourt, Mother Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: August 15, 2013
I feel like the title Angela’s Ashes relates to the novel as a whole because the title reflects and refers to the ashes that fall off the tips of Angela’s cigarettes and those in the fireplace, which are many of her comforts. The novels title truly is representative of the “ashes” of her very hard life. These ashes are a visualization of the struggles that she continually experiences throughout the plot of the novel. Angela’s hard life includes her direct experiences with major poverty and issues with alcoholism. Poverty is very pervasive and has spread throughout her town. In the town of Limerick, where the plot is set poverty is accepted as a way of life. Food is very limited for the McCourt family. Their living conditions remain insufficient to properly accommodate a large family.

Angela’s circumstance with alcoholism takes control of her life and she remains trapped. This entrapment which is stricken by her husbands alcoholism continues to keep her away from her surroundings. Some people might say that alcohol washes different pains and suffering away. Alcoholism could be a reason to drown out problems of a troubled life. Since beer drinking in Limerick is so popular, some families can be ruined by the addiction. This suffering was probably caused by the improper use of alcohol and the inability to control your actions. Angela’s “ashes” represents her crumbling hopes of a better life. Also, her dreams of raising a healthy family with a supportive husband are taken away by these two dilemmas. Her circumstance leaves her with cigarettes and ashes of a fire for warmth. This explains that the author, Frank McCourt was also too struggling with problems in his life. The title of his novel Angela’s Ashes is representative of his own life and is a reflection of his mother’s ashes after her death.

In my opinion I felt that the most important message in this book was when Malachy struggled to realize his love for Frankie. Frankie noticed the challenge in...
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