Ang Suliranin Ng Populasyon

Topics: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Manila Pages: 4 (1078 words) Published: March 22, 2011
History of Quezon City
Quezon City was created on October 12, 1939 by virtue of Commonwealth Act 502. It became the capital of the Philippines with the enactment of Republic Act No. 333 on July 17, 1948. In 1975, Quezon City became part of the larger urban governance scheme that is Metro Manila, with the creation of the Metropolitan Manila Commission by virtue of Presidential Decree 824. On July 24, 1976, then President Ferdinand E, Marcos issued Presidential Decree No. 940, conferring the role of the nation's capital to Metro Manila, hence the name National Capital Region. President Quezon himself served as the city's first Mayor and he later appointed Tomas Morato to the position. A long line of distinguished Mayors succeeded Morato in the stewardship of the city as follows: Ponciano Bernardo, Nicanor Roxas, Ignacio Santos Diaz, Norberto Amoranto, Adelina Rodriguez, Brigido Simon, Jr., Ishmael Mathay, Jr. and the incumbent Feliciano Belmonte, Jr, While relatively a young City, great events that shaped the nation's course of history took place in fabled lands now part of Quezon City territory. The National Centennial Commission, tasked to spearhead appropriate commemoration of 100 years of Philippine Independence, has included Quezon City in the "FreedomTrail" highlighting places and important events in the struggle for freedom and sovereignty, including the historic "Cry of Pugad Lawin" led by the Great Plebeian, revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio on August 23, 1896, the People Power Revolution in EDSA that toppled the regime of President Ferdinand E. Marcos and the installation of Corazon Aquino, as the 11th President of the Philippines. Historical Highlights

Following is a collage of important dates and historical events about the City.

August 23,1896 - Bonifacio and his men tear their cedulas at Pugad Lawin and ignites the Filipino Revolution against the Spain.

October 10, 1938 - The People's Homesite Corp. purchases 1,529 hectares from the vast...
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