Ang Maling Pagtingin Sa Wikang Filipino

Topics: Packaging, Cooking, Food, Food preservation / Pages: 5 (1074 words) / Published: Jul 21st, 2013
General Principles--When to accept or reject a delivery
When assigned the responsibility for receiving food, an employee should know when to accept or reject a delivery based on the following standards:
Temperature of the product
Temperatures for receiving are the same as storage temps. This is especially true for meat and poultry.
Temperatures for receiving: * 41° for poultry, fish, dairy, meats, ready to eat foods. Also MAP foods. * 45° for live shellfish; 45º for shell eggs; 41° for fish and crustaceans. * Fresh fruits and vegetables have various temperatures above 41°. Except for cut melons and cut tomatoes which should be received at below 41°. * Frozen foods should be received frozen * Ice cream should be received at 6-10°
Appearance, color, smell, and texture of the product
For example: * Beef should be bright red and moist. * Lamb should be light red. * Pork should be light pink with firm white fat. * Fish: eyes are clear and bright. Flesh is shiny, firm, and springs back when touched. Fish can be stored in flaked or crushed ice. * Chicken: no discoloration. Flesh is firm and springs back when touched. Should be packaged in crushed, self-draining ice. * Shellfish can be received either shucked or live. Containers must be labeled with packer's name, address, and certification number. Depending on the size of the container there has to be a sell by date listed or the date the shellfish were shucked. Containers smaller than a half gallon should list sell by date. Larger containers should show the shucked date. * Live shellfish must be received with shellstock identification tags still attached. These tags must remain on the container until all of the shellfish have been used. Tags are kept until 90 days after the last shellfish was sold. (This is new with the 2009 Food Code.)
Condition of the product * Check boxes for water stains that

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