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Dr. Christopher J Mitchell
Chengdong Hu

Analysis of Cultural Denotation and Humanity in Ang Lee’s Films

Ang Lee’s film works, not only in the business, but in artistic level won the world audience recognition. He grew up in a traditional Chinese family and study in the United States. The differences between eastern and western culture took a sharp collision in his heart, and it revealed without hiding in his movie and finally become his own unique aesthetic features. This article try to read Lee’s creative thought and artistic style through analysis and research of Lee’s special culture background master’s creative ideas, and learn more about the human temperament of the director which is full glory of human nature. First, this article will introduce about Ang Lee’s growing environment and studying experiences, in order to analysis the formation of his Chinese and Western characteristics. Secondly, through multiple films, the article would analysis of the impact of the East-West cultural collision and merger. Furthermore, a comprehensive interpretation of Ang’s unique film elements and the traits would be expounded.


Ang Lee, Taiwan filmmaker, however, doesn’t have the same characteristics with other Taiwan film makers. He is like a movie ranger, with no specific cultural identity, however, simultaneously, it could be find a certain kind of familiar cultural identity on him, especially in his films. His film always combines the collision of Chinese and Western cultures, but always gives a calm and objective impression, as the story of the movie. His upbringing experience and schooling in America, shaped his specialities and the feature of his films. Ang Lee film and its director style helps us understand where the choice of Taiwan or Chinese director in the traditional culture and Western culture, or that the organic integration of further ideological content, injected into the film, the Chinese film to learn.


Throughout all the film works directed by Ang Lee, it has to be admitted that, in the Chinese director Ang Lee is the master of showing people the communication of soul across cultural and national boundaries. Over 10 years, Ang Lee's rich cultural heritage and delicate expression became a beautiful bridge connecting Eastern and Western cultures. Ang Lee is influenced by the triple impact of Chinese traditional culture, Taiwanese local culture and American culture, second-generation mainlanders in Taiwan, and overseas Chinese. These effects are integrated on the movie itself, which seems like hodgepodge, but he is very comprehensive to figure out, rubbing and twisting subtly together, cooking a visual feast of color, flavor and taste. Ang Lee's film career derived from the most familiar things around – the unique relationship in the Chinese family, friends, neighbors and ethnic. Gradually, Ang Lee began to exert allodially in Chinese tradition and West opening mind, at the same time, giving each of his works a remarkable personality, which is attentive, restraint and sensitive. The conflict friction existing and the fuse between with each other between them is precisely the reaction what has been or is taking place in reality between the East and the West. Only through years of study, life experience, one could gradually develop the kind of sense and ability. Ang Lee's films always have pristine natural techniques, humorous dialogue, delicate and unique plot as well as rounded and smooth story. Together with a variety of cultural crush on him, Ang Lee jumps out of the frame. He took the Chinese theme from the eyes of westerners and shot a western theme with oriental concept. His films not only heritage and promote traditional Chinese culture, but also perform modern western thoughts. October 23, 1954, Ang Lee was born in Chaozhou in Pingtung, Taiwan. According his...

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