Ang Kagandahan Ay Ako

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FOR U4A and U4B
Assignment/ Exercise on BRAND ADOPTION

After listening to the report and learning the more effective way to come up with proper brand names, list at least ten (10) brand name studies or more for the new product that you’re going to introduce to the market. (You may include the brand names that you had given before if you think they’re still relevant and has potential. Make sure everyone has contributed in the brainstorming and brand naming.)

Choose the three (3) best brand names from among the many name studies that you think are the most effective and fits your new product. For each brand name, create three (3) initial thumbnail studies in pencil sketches only. You may fit them all in a bond paper.

EXAMPLE: for Biotrekker (see how many you can come up with but in our exercise at least only 3 are required for each 3 shortlisted brand name choices) [pic] [pic]

Choose the best logo design from among the many thumbnail sketches and, still in thumbnail pencil sketch format, create two (2) packaging designs for your new product (bottle and container/box if there’s any). Include the details and content in the packaging as well as the features of the new product. For those who would like to use computer design program, you may do so. You are encouraged to be creative and innovative. See example below for at least the expected output.

[pic] [pic] [pic]
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