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Medical Transcription Research Paper

The medical field is a vast branch of science and can lead to a very rewarding career. There are millions of medical doctors across the globe. Each country has a set of ethics and standards of education that must be met to become a physician. Some countries have stricter standards and longer periods of residency than others. In the United States, a medical doctorate can take at least eight years to complete and even longer if a specialized career is chosen. Once a medical degree is obtained, most seek further education by completing an additional year of residency in a specialized field of medicine. There are hundreds of specialized fields of medicine. Some doctors pursue advanced careers in specialized fields such as obstetrics, cardiothoracic medicine, urologic surgeons, internal medicine, oral surgery, orthopedic and plastic surgery. These specialists may not sound like they have something in common, but they do. They all need anesthesiologists to perform their surgical duties. The eight specialized doctors mentioned, also need a medical transcriptionist. Every act of medicine that performed must have a medical transcriptionist to document it. Just as an anesthesiologist is as necessary as the surgeon in the operating room and after care management, a medical transcriptionist is necessary for complete and accurate record keeping. This report will explain the key points of the listed medical fields, focusing on anesthesiology and how a transcriptionist associates with anesthetist.

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Obstetrics is the medical specialty focusing on women’s reproductive health and pregnancies. In the United States, this doctor is commonly referred to as an OB/GYN. The focus of this field is during pregnancy, the birth and postnatal care. Therefore, an obstetrician only sees female patients. An OB/GYN can face many different natal needs. Sometimes, a pregnancy is routine, other times it can be difficult and requires much care. Emergencies that an obstetrician might face are an ectopic pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, a uterine rupture and hypercoagulability in pregnancy. An obstetrician must be well educated in emergency care ( ; ). In cardiothoracic medicine a surgeon is specializes in diseases affecting the internal chest area. Cardiothoracic medicine is further separated into a thoracic surgeon, whom deals with the lungs and a cardiac surgeon, as the name indicates, deals with the heart. A cardiothoracic surgeon must have an immense amount of education. Typically, after a medical doctorate is achieved, another six to nine years of specialized training is required. A cardiothoracic surgeon typically sees patients that have been referred by an MD. Sometimes, a patient comes by way of a hospital emergency room. Surgeries such as angioplasty, heart-valve, by-pass, and stent are performed by a cardiothoracic surgeon (; ). A urologic surgeon is another well-trained specialist. A urological surgeon focuses on the health of male and female urinary tracts. Also, a urologic surgeon treats male patients with reproductive problems.

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Organs a urology surgeon treats include the kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, ureters, urethra, testes, epididymis, and prostate. A urologic surgeon will treat patients with cancer, an enlarged prostate, interstitial cystitis, diabetes, kidney disease and penile dysfunction (; ). Internal medicine is the specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases. A physician specializing in internal medicine is called an internist. Three to seven or more years of an internist’s education is spent on learning how to prevent, diagnose, and...
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