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Topics: Anesthesia, Surgery, Local anesthetic Pages: 3 (697 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Career Exploration Paper
I’m interested in English and math it helps me with my career in becoming an anesthesiologist. My career goals after high school are to get into a good college where I can be a successful student. After college I want to graduate with a PhD degree and become an anesthesiologist, or something else I might be interested in the future. The reason I’m interested in this career is because I like working with people and helping them. I’m a very social person so I think this will be a good career for me because I’ll be able to meet different people. Learning about this career will help me decide if this is a career for me. I’m excited to learn new things about his occupation. Research:

What an anesthesiologist does in this career is focus on surgical patients and pain relief. They administer anesthetics, which are medicines to prevent patients from feeling pain and sensations; they closely monitor patient’s vital signs during surgery and adjust anesthetics accordingly; they monitor patients through the first recovery stages after an operation; and administer appropriate medications during recovery. In addition to helping patients through surgery, anesthesiologist may also help treat patients with conditions causing chronic pain. Many specialize in specific types of problems, such as respiratory or neurological illness. More than niety percent of the anesthetics used in health care are administered by or under the direct supervion of an anesthesiologist.

An anesthesiologist first contact with a surgical patient is usually during a “preoperative interview.” At that time the anesthesiologist reviews the patients medical history and medications, they discuss the upcomuing surgery, and review the options for the anesthesia and pain killing drugs. The anesthesiologist also becomes familiar with the patients preexisting medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, and plans how to manage those conditions during surgery....
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