Anecdotal Obervation

Topics: Philosophy of science, Time, Periodization Pages: 3 (470 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Anecdotal Observation

Arel Cummings

Layona2.5 yrs of age

2013/06/28 9:30am

I arrived early morning. I walk to the class room and find my child of observation among four

other children. The person of care ask the question of whether I wish to observe Layona inside or outside.

The person of care described how normally at this time of day they sit in what is called circle time. I chose

to observe outside of the class room. I followed everyone out into the play area. The older kids played on

the apparatus which seem to raise higher from the ground then the play area for the younger kids. It was

larger with a number smaller objects to climb and play with.

Anecdotal Observation

Layona played with two other kids from the five. One child, a boy, would go and get a drink of

water and Layona did the same. The boy would run and jump, Layona ran and jump. If the boy would break

the rules of safe play, Layona broke the rules of safe play. The boy was placed on time out for a short

time period and after promising to follow the rules he would be allowed to resume play. Layona placed

herself on a time out. It’s a hot day. Layona plays and for a period of time stops what she is doing and

observes others from a play house. Some of the older kids will come and play in the area Layona is. She

then distance herself in a shady area and observes others. At lunch Layona with sit with the boy

and eat. Layona eats a small amount of what’s on her plate. Once she has noticed the boy has finished eating

and begun to play again she leaves and joins the boy in play.

Analytical Observation

Layona shows social and analytical development. Her greatest strength is the power of

observation. Layona fine motor skills show the toddler becoming increasingly better at self-feeding skills

and object manipulation. The toddler is interested in exploring her world and learning about herself, cause

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