Andy Warhol

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Born on August 6, 1928, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Andy Warhol was a successful magazine and ad illustrator who became a leading artist of the 1960s Pop art movements. Andy Warhol's parents were Slovakian immigrants. His father, Ondrej Warhola, was a construction worker, while his mother, Julia Warhola, was an embroiderer. The family lived at 55 Beleen Street and later at 3252 Dawson Street in the Oakland neighbourhood of Pittsburgh. They were devout Byzantine Catholics and attended St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church, and maintained much of their Slovakian culture and heritage while living in one of Pittsburgh's Eastern European ethnic enclaves. Andy Warhol had two older brothers - Pavol (Paul), the oldest, was born before the family emigrated; Ja’n was born in Pittsburgh. At the age of 8, Warhol contracted Chorea—also known as St. Vitus's dance—a rare and sometimes fatal disease of the nervous system that left him bedridden for several months. It was during these months, while Warhol was sick in bed, that his mother, herself a skilful artist, gave him his first drawing lessons. Drawing soon became Warhol's favourite childhood pastime. He was also an avid fan of the movies, and when his mother bought him a camera at the age of 9 he took up photography as well, developing film in a makeshift darkroom he set up in their basement. In 1942, at the age of 14, Warhol again suffered a tragedy when his father passed away from a jaundiced liver. Warhol was so upset that he could not attend his father's funeral, and he hid under his bed throughout the wake. Warhol's father had recognized his son's artistic talents, and in his will he dictated that his life savings go toward Warhol's college education. Marilyn Monroe is Andy Warhol’s favourite star. Warhol attended Holmes Elementary school and took the free art classes offered at the Carnegie Institute (now the Carnegie Museum of Art) in Pittsburgh. Warhol began at Schenley High School,...
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