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Andromache is one of the finest characters in Homer; she played a small but important role. Distinguished by her affection for her husband and child, her misfortunes and the resignation with which she endures them. "Andromache is ethereal in her appearance" (Jones, 4). She is tall and stately; and she carries herself in the royalty that she really is. Her hair is dark, like most Greeks of that time period, long and curly. Her body is tall and lithe; her skin, tanned by the morning suns. "Her eyes are of a beautiful blue matching the ocean tides that crash up on Troy's morning beaches, and her vestments and robes are made out of the finest materials"(Jones, 3). Andromache seems to illustrate Homer's idea of the good wife and mother; she is loyal and concerned for her family. "And as far as beauty went, there were others who thought her as too big in complexion; only her husband Hector thought her to be adequate" (Encyclopedia, Britannica, 10).

Even though Andromache was beautiful, she did not rely in beauty, but instead believed that it is character that wins a husbands heart. She therefore never put pride against her husband's sake; for she thought that by always being a congenial company, she would draw him near her. And constancy, loyalty and the true heartedness, some think, cause love to go beyond the sweet pleasures of the couch. However, she can be too loving, even for her husband's sake, because she can give herself willing to Hector and whatever he wants without question.

Cates 2

Andromache is the daughter of Eetion, ruler of the Cilician city of Thebe. Andromache's father and seven brothers fell to the hands Achilles when their town was taken by him; her mother, ransomed at a high, and was slain by Artemis. During the Trojan War her husband was slain by Achilles, Andromache dealt with Hectors death pretty well, she believes that "Better death than life in bitterness. No pain feels death, which has no sense of ills: but who is...
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