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Topics: Wi-Fi, Mobile phone, IP address Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: March 24, 2013
1. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is one of the most popular applications in the Android Marketplace, which is really a testament to how wildly useful this tool is for both the average user and the more technically inclined. In the most basic of terms, WiFi Analyzer is a tool to scan the area for WiFi networks and determine which channel is the least populated so you can adjust your own hardware to a less congested part of the spectrum.

2. Andosid

AnDOSid is the application which is used for DOS attacks from Android mobile phones.

3. Nmap For Android.

Nmap is a network scanner tool which gives the entire information of the ip address and website. There is a version of nmap for Android users too, with the help of this app hackers can scan the ip's through mobiles.

4. The Android Network Toolkit

The Android Network Toolkit is an complete tool kit for the pentesters , where hackers can find expolots using the mobile and penetrate or attacks the ip's according to their vunerabilities.

5. SpoofApp

Here is an app that spies at heart could use – SpoofApp. It allows you to use a fake Caller ID – a number that you are free to specify yourself, in order to protect your privacy or to pull a prank on someone. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, Apple didn’t think so, which is why it never allowed the app to enter its App Store. Google, however, didn’t mind, which is why SpoofApp was available on the Android Market for about two and a half years. However, it was banned from there last year as it allegedly was in conflict with The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009.This can be useful in social engineering.

6. Penetrate Pro

Root is required.
The most of the times you scan the Wi-Fi networks available around, they’re protected with key. Penetrate is an app that help you out with that. If the routers of that Wi-Fi networks are encrypted with WEP/WPA it will bring you the keys to access them. This seems a sort of cracking, but the developers says it...
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