Andrew Ryan

Topics: Problem solving, Management / Pages: 2 (451 words) / Published: Jun 21st, 2015
I think Ryan started off on the right path by promoting open communication and a participatory approach to problem solving. This enabled his staff think for themselves, work together as a team to solve problems in the organization. From personal experience, when employees are involved in the decision making, they feel that people in ownership and management positions value them as a significant contributor to the team’s success. When people feel valued, they will usually raise their level of effort and commitment to ensure the department’s or company’s success. Although Ryan was very effective in his original undertake as the senior manager of the ES team, he failed at his task of implementing TQM objectives into VC brake organizational culture. Despite the fact that TQM had good principles Ryan was unable to break the divider between management and its lower level employees. This in my opinion was an obstacle for progress with TQM because the lower level employees were said to have some creative ideas on the company’s current operations.
Ryan should have taken the initiative to get some new box cutters even though top management was very reluctant to change. I say this because in my current position at my place of work, sometimes I have to take initiative in doing things just to prove to the top management of the company on how serious and determined I am for whatever my request was. In the end, I am usually given a chance to voice/concerns or get reimbursed for my expenses. By doing that, Ryan would have shown leadership and perhaps earn the trust of his staff. Furthermore, the cart wheel incident should have being approached from a different angle. Ryan should have made out time to work on the floor, so he can experience the problem himself. That would have given him a better insight on how to go about presenting the problem to the top management and at the same time boost his credibility with his subordinates.
Perhaps, If VC Brakes had no division between

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