Andrew Jackson S Presidency

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Dionicia Vilsaint
U.S. History I
Mr. Dunne
Andrew Jackson’s Presidency
Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States of America from 1829-1837. During his presidency he faced many challenges. Jackson was famous for his short temper, being prone to violence, and a loyal defender of the common man. Some of the most important challenges he faces are his issues with the National Bank, his dealing with the South and the Natives, dealing with the tariff, and issues concerning his wife's passing and his bad experiences with the British. Jackson is often said to be one of the greatest presidents of the United States, but in my opinion, and I think many people would agree, there are many reasons for doubting that claim.

I think that there were many reasons and situations that proved Andrew Jackson to be a bad president. One of the reasons was “The Spoils System”. He wasn’t a very fair president. He gave government jobs to his friends and the people that voted for him. This was known as the spoils system. The spoils system corrupted the government because no one had a chance to get good at their job or even get a job. He was almost similar to a king, which was not a good thing for the country. For example, when the Supreme Court sided with the Indians against the state of Georgia, Jackson ignored the ruling of the Supreme Court. Another reason was the withdrawal of the second national bank. Jackson tried to destroy the National Bank by withdrawal federal funds and placing them into state banks. The bank supported the rich white men, but did not cater to the needs of the working white men. Jackson believed that “Congress had no right under the Constitution to charter a bank.” But, it was not Jackson’s position to determine the constitutionality of the bank, because the Supreme Court had already ruled that the bank was constitutional in the case “McCulloch vs. Maryland”.

In 1828, South Carolina tried to nullify a tariff on imported goods....
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