Andrew Jackson was democratic

Topics: Andrew Jackson, Democracy, Second Bank of the United States Pages: 3 (1245 words) Published: January 29, 2014
“Old Hickory” was depicted as both a tyrant and a person of democratic ideals. Andrew Jackson had laid his mark on the history of the United States. Gaining reputation with his outstanding victory in the Battle of New Orleans, Jackson continued the flow of appealing to the people by running for the presidential role in 1824 and 1828. Aiming for the majority vote in the Election of 1828, Jackson’s presidential campaign sought to reform the government against the “corrupt bargain” that had taken place in the previous election. The Election of 1828 showed a drastic change in the legislature electing the majority of presidential electors into the people electing the majority of the electors(Doc.1). Jackson’s inauguration spelled the foundations for democracy. The era of Jacksonian Democracy implemented many democratic ideals such as white man suffrage and party conventions where not only the politicians voted for the party’s candidates, but the people did as well. Democracy essentially meant a government in which the people are supreme and were represented. Jackson’s goal during his presidency from 1829 to 1837 to be a democratic president by appealing to the masses of the people on the issues of the Bank of United States, the Spoils System, and the Indian Removal to the best of his ability. Although Jackson used undemocratic actions to pursue his objectives, he was democratic in that he did it for the welfare of the people. Despite abusing his executive power, Jackson was democratic in his policy towards the Bank of United States. Originally founded during the time of Washington’s presidency with Hamilton’s financial plan, the bank was created in order to tie wealthy investors to the government. Jackson found the second Bank of United States harmful because was founded upon the same principles. By opposing the previous judicial ruling of John Marshall in McCulloch v. Maryland, which declared the bank was constitutional, Andrew Jackson had used his...
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