Andrew Jackson the Common Man

Topics: English-language films, Upper class, Working class Pages: 3 (604 words) Published: August 15, 2015
Marisel Hernandez
Professor Jennifer Merrigan
U.S History to 1870- HIS 114
May 2, 2015
Andrew Jackson Was a True Champion of the Common Man
In my opinion Andrew Jackson was truly a champion of the “Common Man”, he was one of the first presidents that were like no other. During his time served he was liked by many as well as disliked by the ones that came from the upper class in society. Jackson was a very strong believer and therefore strongly supported the lower class due o him coming from the same background growing up, he helped many economically, he also removed the Indians and believed in the power of the people. Andrew Jackson had a very rough time when he was growing up, he was one of the few out of the prior presidents that had to teach himself how to read and write, due to wanting to become a lawyer. Economically he knew what it felt like o come from nothing and work his way up to the top. Therefore this led him to believe that people such as himself should be given the opportunists that he was once given. He also had had the opportunity to join the military, which gave him a great career. Due to his military background gave the Americans a bigger reason to why he should be chosen to become our president. He was also elected due to the fact that the non-landowners had now the chance to vote, which sparked the era of the common man. He received this name soon after, due to being the one president that took on slavery; he treated the slaves in a respectable manor. His main concerns though were mainly the economy. He was one of the six presidents to get rid of the huge debts that we were already in. Jackson knew that the banks had to much power and that the only ones that were benefiting from this power were the upper class. He was against the government spending that would only benefit the rich. He was also a very strong supporter of many farmers, due to being in a position like them before. The upper classes were then only allowed to use paper and...
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