Andrew Jackson: Renegade President or Trailblazer?

Topics: United States, Andrew Jackson, Trail of Tears Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Andrew Jackson: Renegade President or Trailblazer?

Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States. Jackson was viewed as renegade President due to his loyalty to the common man. He opposed the wealthy men of America that controlled the government. His first rebellion against the wealthy men of America was relieving them of their jobs in government through Spoils System. His renegade attitude caused him to act immorally toward the Native Americans by removing them from their homes for the nation’s expansion. Lastly, his beliefs that the national bank was in favour of the of the typical wealthy elite of America led him to set a goal to destroy the national bank. Therefore, the Spoils System, the policies against Native Americans and the goal set out to destroy the Bank of USA made Andrew Jackson a renegade President.

Andrew Jackson was seen as the voice of the people a quality many politicians of his time did not possess. This instantly classified him as a renegade among his political peers. Also, he believed that average American should play a role in a democratic government. Ultimately, president Andrew Jackson decided to lead the support in a system called the Spoils System. The system worked as a benefit to the common man of America. The Spoils System marked the process of firing experienced and qualified government employees from their jobs in place of average Americans, that were supporters of President Jackson. Many government officials questioned his bias decisions and were outraged by President Jackson’s decision. However, Jackson stood by his beliefs by claiming that the Spoils System was democratic because in put the general public of America first. The following quote further explains what was previously stated. “it put an end to a permanent, no elected office- holding class. Because government jobs were so plain and simple, they could easily be rotated at will and given to supporters.” (Appleby et al, 224). It was for those...
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