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Andrew Jackson Is a Very Controversial Figure

By brittany08 Apr 19, 2011 506 Words
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson is a very controversial figure. If the question was ever asked if Andrew Jackson is a good leader for America the answer would be no. Jackson was born into a very wealthy family. Not only was he wealthy, Jackson was a very intelligent person. According to “After the Fact”,” Jackson first moved to the town of Salisbury, North Carolina, reading law by day, and with the help of high-spirited young friends, raising hell by night” (131). Jackson would keep up this type of behavior all of the time. When you normally think about a leader you would think of them as being a very mature level headed person.

Jackson was a very tricky guy. A lot of people are confused as to whether he was a good president or not. There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to deciding if he was a good or bad president. Jackson did do a lot of great things for America while he was in office. Jackson was the president responsible for the second National Bank being brought back to life. Jackson was also the first president to have the country’s debt a very low rate. Yes, these things sound really impressive and make Jackson seem like the right president for America, but Jackson has a lot of bad things that he did as president also.

One of the main things that happened that was not good that happened during Jackson’s presidency was the “Trail of Tears.” The Trail of Tears was when Jackson forced 125,000 Indians out west. “ As president, he championed the movement to force the remaining 125,000 Indians east of the Mississippi onto much less valuable lands west of the river, freeing up additional millions of prime acres in the midst of the booming cotton kingdom” (142). This movement caused a lot of Indians to die. Who would want a president that would willingly kill thousands of innocent people over land in their “own” Country?

Jackson was also a very selfish person. Who in their right mind would honestly want a selfish president ruling over their country? Well Jackson was exactly that, selfish. Whenever there was a law being passed and Jackson did not want the law to be passed he would veto it. He would use his powers to be spiteful. Jackson was not only selfish but he was also a stubborn president. If there was a law being passed and Jackson did not like the person or people that wanted the law to be passed he would veto it. That is no way, shape, form, or fashion in which a president should do his job. To justify his wrong doings he would bag himself up with laws and reasonable reasons as to why the law should be vetoed. When you look on a scale that the good out ways the bad, Jackson would fail, his bad definitely out weighs his good. That does not make a good candidate for presidency.

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