Andrew Jackson, First Annual Message to Congress (1829)

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Cherokee, War of 1812 Pages: 7 (1005 words) Published: May 3, 2006
One of the many controversial issues of the early nineteenth century was the

removal of the numerous indian tribes from there native land. Andrew jackson, "A

former frontiersman and Indian fighter," was a major catalyst in the removal of the

Native Americans. Perhaps in response to the controversy surrounding Jackson's

actions concerning the removal of the Indian, and obviously to justify his and the

United States' conduct towards the Native American people, jackson delivered a

message to congress. The message is displayed in the message and papers of

the presidents in a book titled " Andrew Jackson, First Annual Message to Congress"

(1829) The message simply stresses the choice to continue to remove the indians

from their natural endowment.

One of Jackson's justifications is that america's intentions have always been to

help the natives. He says, " professing a desire to civilize and settle them, we have

at the same time lost no opportunity to purchase their lands and thrust them farther

into the wilderness." He is declaring that America's attempt to rob the natives of their

land happened inevitably. This is a description of manifest destiny. Jackson States

that the fate of the indians losing their land surly awaits them if they remain within the

limits of the state and does not admit of a doubt. Humanity and national honor

demand that every effort should be made to avert so great a calamity. With this

Jackson was basically warning the natives about not cooperating with America's

manifest destiny. the indians should just cooperate peacefully or be subject to

(America's) laws.

The despora of the native americans, a major issue of the early nineteenth

century, is one that still touches the hearts of many, even today. Any literature

developed during the time era referring to the removal of the indians some of which

were illustrated Caucasian perspectives, one that is mainly in favor of removing the

natives. In order to encourage the civilization of the Native Americans the washington

administration developed a policy ("Memorial") The Native Americans codified their

own legal system, printed their own news papers and even owned slaves. finally

literature was published that depicted the perspective of the Native Americans and

their struggle. in one article "Memorial of the Cherokee Nation" (1830), an emotional

account of the indians opposing perspective is eloquently portrayed, despite their

obvious acceptance of the indians opposing perspective is eloquently portrayed,

despite their obvious acceptance of the policy made by the washington


In contradiction of the popular opinion of the era, the Arthur immediately

declares that the natives, particularly the cherokee, are definitely against the removal.

the arthur states, "our people universally think otherwise. we wish to remain on the l

and of our fathers . he rightfully attest that the indians have natural obligations to the

land they originally occupied. He states, " we have a perfect and original right to

remain without interruption or molestation." perhaps realizing that the americans will

inevitably seize the land. The author states "If we are compelled to leave our

country, we see nothing but ruins before us." Perhaps the cherokees realize that the

demise of there people will undoubtedly come, a fact that many, particularly Andrew

Jackson, fails to acknowledge or believe. He also says " The far greater part of that

region is beyond all controversy, badly supplied with wood and water; and no indian

tribe can live as agriculturist without these articles. "Agriculture is the dominant life

style characteristic of the indians and their survival techniques. In a sense of defeat,

the author indirectly accepts his fate and states, "Nor is there a man so degraded as...
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