Andrew Jackson A Good President Essay

It is very difficult to say if Andrew Jackson was a good president or an evil president, because he made good decisions and bad decisions. There are many positive and many negative things that Andrew Jackson did during his presidency. Andrew Jackson was the first true president of common people. Andrew Jackson supported a strong national government. He was a man of the people, he wanted the government to be a “simple machine which the Constitution created”. One of President Jackson's largest actions was the veto of the second bank of the United States. This was indeed a major setback for monopoly and Aristocracies. Jackson used his power to get pretty much whatever he wanted. In fact, He vetoed twelve times during his term. Many people also …show more content…
Jackson also supported the ban of anti-slavery pamphlets in the mail because he was a slave owner as well. During Andrew Jackson's term of presidency, he confronted some of the issues that defined a nascent nation still searching for its identity. The removal of all the Native Americans off their home land, the rise of the corporations, and slavery. A great president is someone who is a very strong and confident leader. Someone who can make choices that will change the country for the better, and does what is best for the good of all the people. Some people might just consider Andrew Jackson to be a very good president because he did things such as revolutionizing presidential campaigning, which also made him the very first modern president, and using his presidential powers to veto some of the bills that he thought could be unfit or harmful. Some others would argue that The former president Andrew Jackson was an evil president because he did things like enforce the Indian Removal Act and abided the power to veto in an effort to take more control over and intimidate congress. Speaking of the Indian Removal Act, it is the one thing Andrew Jackson did that most people totally and completely disagree with. Andrew Jackson instated the Indian Removal Act in 1830. This act evicted thousands and thousands of Native American families, specifically Cherokees, from their homes in Georgia and the Carolinas so the white

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