Andrew Jackson

Topics: Andrew Jackson, North Carolina, War of 1812 Pages: 1 (595 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Andrew Jackson was born into poverty. However throughout his life, he began to change that as he was quickly making a name for himself. Before he knew it, his leadership in many national conflicts earned him a heroic reputation. “He would become America’s most influential and polarizing political figure during the 1820s and 1830s” CITATION And \n \l 1033 (Andrew Jackson). Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767 to Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson-Jackson. “His birthplace is presumed to have been at one of his uncles’ houses in the Waxhaws region that straddles North Carolina and South Carolina,” CITATION BioJackson \l 1033 (Andrew Jackson Biography). He grew up without a father figure as his father had died three weeks before he was born. Throughout his early life, he received minimal education. In fact, at the age of 13, he joined a local militia and served as a courier during the Revolutionary War. At that time, his older brother, Hugh, had died while serving in the Battle of Stono Ferry in 1779. Both Andrew and his brother, Robert, continued to serve as they fought the war. However, they were both captured by the British. While in captivity, they contracted smallpox. A few days later, when they were released from captivity by the British authorities, Robert died. Not long after his brother died, Andrew’s mother died of cholera. He was then orphaned at the age or 14. From then on Andrew was raised by his uncles. Throughout his teen hood, he studied law and earned admission to the North Carolina bar in 1787. Soon afterwards, he moved west to Tennessee. He started working as a prosecuting attorney in Nashville. Later on while setting up his private practice, he met and married his wife, Rachel Robards. In 1796, while Jackson was a member of the convention that established the Tennessee Constitution, he was elected as Tennessee’s first representative in the U.S. House of Representative. The following year, he was elected to the Senate, but resigned after...

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