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January 17, 2012

Period 7

Andrew Jackson’s Superb Presidency

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. Before being president he was a gambler that had a life pending on winning horse bets. As a kid to make money he shined shoes. One day a British soldier tried to force Jackson to shine his shoes, but the brave Andrew Jackson declined and got sliced in the neck. His presidency was form 1829-1837. He served two terms for the United States as president. Andrew Jackson was a superb president because he completely paid off National debt, was a war hero/common person, and fixed the voting system by allowing more people to vote. Andrew Jackson was brilliant with handling money. During his presidency he paid off all the National debt. This shows that he cares a lot about America. Paying off the debt let Americans relax about all the money we owe. Andrew Jackson got rid of the National Bank since it was owned by rich people. The bank was spending more paper money than America actually had. This was putting the U.S. in big debt. Andrew Jackson became the only president to ever pay off national debt.

Andrew Jackson was a brave fighter against the hated British. Andrew was a war hero/common person. He was a war hero because he had led a mix of regular soldiers to win a fight against the British in the battle of New Orleans. This was the last common battle of the War of 1812. Winning this war let the British know that they can no longer mess around with the U.S. He is a common person because he’s not rich and he removed the National Bank in his presidency. He got rid of the National Bank because rich people owned it, and he wanted common people to be able to go to the bank too without a problem. Before Jackson’s presidency rich people could but in front of common people at the National bank.

Andrew Jackson expanded the voting system during his presidency. He called it Jacksonian...
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