Andrew Harnack: Integrating Quotations

Topics: Animal testing, Vivisection, Animal rights Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Review: The 3 Step Method: "Integrating Quotations" due 7/12/11 Read the handouts below to learn about the effective ways of integrating quotations into your writing: By Andrew Harnack: intergrating_quotations.pdf[->0]

*To open the link below, right click your mouse and open in a new tab. Opening this link in a new tab will prevent the link from taking you outside of Blackboard. Blending quoted material, from Colorado State University[->1] * Once you have studied both tutorials, open the following file, quotes.doc[->2], and complete the assignment below. The following three paragraphs have been taken from a paper by an EKU student Sue Mattingly.

Complete the assignment below. This assignment is worth 15 points.

Step 1: Examine Mattingly’s use of the 3-Step Method of integrating/blending quotations into her writing.

Step 2: In each paragraph, mark the introduction with a yellow highlight. Step 3: In each paragraph, mark the direct quotation with a pink highlight. Step 4: In each paragraph, mark the coming away comment with a blue highlight.


Of paramount importance are the physiological differences between human animals and nonhuman animals. These dissimilarities negate most findings or throw their validity into question. For instance, according to Paul Binding, “Penicillin kills guinea-pigs but cures humans; belladonna kills humans but is acceptable to rabbits; morphine sends humans to sleep, but induces hyperactivity in cats” (22). With so many differences in reactions to drugs, tests on animals can be either worthless or dangerous because they provide a false sense of security that the reactions in humans will be similar.

Paragraph one:

The potential danger of using animals as subjects in drug and product testing is exemplified by the number of approved drugs and products that are later withdrawn. In Health and Humans Research, the AAVS reports that “51.5 percent of 198 drugs approved by the FDA between 1976 and 1985 caused...
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