Andrew Hamilton vs Thomas Jefferson

Topics: United States, Federal government of the United States, U.S. state Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: January 6, 2008
When George Washington appointed both Hamilton and Jefferson to his cabinet, it was obvious that there would be controversy. These two men both had very different views, and both helped to create what we practice as today's government. Though both made good points, it was Hamilton who had the right idea for government. Even now, his ideas are perfect for how current government should be run.

Hamilton understood that a strong central government would be needed to keep the fledgling country alive. In order to keep a strong government that understood the problems at hand, it needed to be run by first class, educated men. Hamilton also makes a good point in saying that, though Jeffersonians thought the rich would corrupt the government in order to profit for themselves, the rich had nothing to gain as they were already at the top of the social ladder. Whiele Hamilton was a realist, Jefferson was a romantic. He lagged behind, staying in the 1700's where farming and agriculture was what kept economy strong. Hamilton understood that industry and business were going to build the economy of the present, and he was right. Hamilton's ideas mostly supported people in the northern states because that is where economy was building. Jefferson supported southerners because that was where economy had always been. Another important point that Hamilton makes in his opinion of who should rule was that while small farmers did make up the majority of the citizens, they did not necessarily agree upon everything. The well educated men that Hamilton thought should govern would be able to understand these differences and make better choices for the common good of the people. Jefferson thought that farmers should have a greater say because they were the majority of the citizens, but these farmers only understood farming. They would not know how to deal with foreign affairs, or the debt that the country was in.

Hamilton's ideas for who should rule still hold true today. Today's...
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