Andrew Carnegie- Persuasive

Topics: Louis XIV of France, Wealth, Poverty Pages: 3 (1111 words) Published: August 11, 2001
The rich or upper class should give some of their wealth back to the society. I agree with Andrew Carnegie the "Wealth" speech that it is important that the wealthy should give back to their society. Carnegie stresses that this would indeed help masses of people and enhance our race by giving funds to provide for the public. I believe this is very true and that this is a very obvious solution to inadequate public funding.

The best and most important reason why the rich should give to society is that it will benefit numbers of people and could even benefit the investors as well. If a fair portion of a well-off individuals money was given for public use, many public services and places would be highly enhanced such as better teachers, superior schools, improved public transportation, and renovated public places like libraries and parks. This would in turn truly help masses of people excel. Children could become a lot higher in abilities and knowledge when they become adults having been able to be exposed to such parks, museums, and libraries, we could see them become wealthy themselves. There could be a lot less crime and dangers with more policemen and firemen, this would mean people would live in a more secure and safe neighborhood. A secure and well-educated society would without a doubt raise the standard of living. Now the wealthier classes also get some benefits as well because since everyone is satisfied with how there life is they would tend to buy and invest more therefore raising the economy as well. As the economy rises, the already wealthy will most likely become wealthier and they are part of a better society too. It is apparent that the rich giving to society is a win situation for everyone in the sense that people would be living better, there is less crime, and numerous people will have more money as well.

Another reason the rich should give back to the community is because of morality. The wealthy are rich for a couple of reasons and...
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