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How to be Good at Everything
I always wanted to be good at everything, still on that journey...well not everything, but as much things as i possibly can. I found an article about this. Enjoy


You probably know someone or know of someone who is great at their job, excels in athletics, intelligent, and can even play an instrument. Or maybe they are very artistic, social, good with numbers, and able to learn a new skill or task with seemingly no effort. Who are these well rounded gifted people and how did they get that way? A better question may be, is it possible to become more like them?

What it means to be good at everything

There are individuals in the world who seem to have a bottomless well of skills and gifts that allows them to achieve in almost any endeavor they participate in. They are sometimes called overachievers because they seem to almost always perform at an above average level in everything they do. Most overachievers have been overachieving since a young age and over time have just strengthened the traits necessary to achieve in almost anything. Does this mean that a person who has not been overachieving for a lifetime is doomed for mediocrity? Absolutely not! What enables overachievers to do so well is the habits and thought processes that they have developed.

In order for you to begin to become multi-talented and skilled, you must understand the mindset of those who are overachievers. Alexandra Robbins wrote a book entitled The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids where she lays out the negative aspects of high school students whose lives are driven by perfect GPAs and the pressures of students today. Although the book is well written, it represents a very small number of students in American society. The truth is that overachieving students and adults are rare. If they were common, they would not be called...
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