Andrea Yates Case

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Andrea Yates Case
Jana Jo Engleking
Everest University

We are funny people, living in a diverse country, in a world I sometimes think has gone berserk. No one should have a problem. Everything should run smoothly every day, no glitches, but so much for that idea.

Our real world is full of promise. Each one of us has control of our own destiny as long as we stay within the perimeters of what is considered right. Our constitution sets out our perimeters. We tell our children they live in a free world, a free country. We can have, and grow up to be or do anything. You just need drive and preparation. That isn’t exactly true. You can only do what the constitution allows you to do. You don’t like your neighbors so you go vandalize their property, toilet paper their trees or worse, cause harm to his or her family. No matter if you cheat along the line getting to the top as long as you get there. No one should be imperfect. Now wouldn’t that be a great world for us. I guess here on earth there isn’t such a place. Bummer! But you can see where all this leads to.

If you have a family there is going to be problems. No one is exempt from that fact. Maybe you or your mate has health problems, but you cope. Then you have children. Most families don’t really have large medical issues. But there are others you just say “oh my” how do they mange. Today there is so much Autism. That causes so much emotional and mental problems. So many children aren’t diagnosed until almost 10 or 11 years old. There are emotional problems there already, plus all the frustration of parents trying to manage. Too many times there are so many other health problems that are combined in Autism. If they don’t get met head-on then long lists of other health issues arrive. Sometimes, if only, the doctor had been more alert or on the ball. Then they grow into adults carrying all these health problems with this growth. Andrea Yates had Bi-Polar and Depression. These are difficult issues. I know. Been there and still am. I have a daughter who is Autistic who has a daily problem with depression and Bi-Polar disorder. It is an everyday problem. It is like a “bomb” waiting to explode anytime any day. Just like Andrea Yates, “we are on the alert” all the time with my daughter. There are telltale signs of her attitude changing and an incoming onslaught of problems before we are done. The medication Andrea was on is I would say probably adequate at the time. There are so many new ideas today on medications. When my grandmother worked in a Nursing Home there was a lady on Haldol. She thought she would come to the beauty shop for her to check her out before she went to get her coat. Grandma would hustle to the nurses station to inform them she was planning to leave the building. One dose of Haldol and as far as she could get was to a chair for hours to sleep.

Terrible! Andrea had too heavy a dosage and lack of good care, I think (Muraskin, R. 2012). Another thing that bothered me is why someone who says they love you so much would want to keep you pregnant knowing very well what it does to you (Muraskin, R. 2012). I blame him as well as the doctor for all Andrea’s mental and physical problems (Muraskin, R. 2012). Why was she left alone (Muraskin, R. 2012)? She was a bomb waiting to go off (Muraskin, R. 2012). You can’t repair this once it’s done (Muraskin, R. 2012). As a book I once read on Autism says Prevention, Prevention, Prevention! At least that gives you thinking time to defuse a situation. There were five little situations that needed immediate attention.

There are three separate types of depression (Muraskin, R. 2012). Each one is a disaster waiting to happen (Muraskin, R. 2012). They may go from a very mild form of depression to a full blown extreme case (Muraskin, R. 2012). They are known as baby blues, postpartum depression, and postpartum psychosis, who among us haven’t suffered from (Muraskin, R. 2012). “Oh my how can I manage all that...

References: Muraskin, R. (2012) Women and Justice: It’s A Crime Fifth Edition, Upper Saddle River, New
Jersey, Pearson Education, Inc.
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